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Nanda Bergstein speaks on sustainability in the food & beverage industry

Nanda Bergstein, Tchibo Director of Corporate Responsibility, takes the stage at the 13th Annual American Food Innovate Summit

“Sustainability Coffee at Tchibo: Creating Value Together”

“Sustainability is no longer up for negotiation,” says visionary leader Nanda Bergstein, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Tchibo, who was a keynote speaker at the American Food Innovate Summit. The conference brings together leading food innovators, experts and professionals to discuss the newest developments, technologies, sustainabili-ty trends and developments in the food industry.

Bergstein spoke about investing in farmers through Regenerative farming practices that support biodiversity and soil health, Direct Support of Farmers through fair farming practices; and Social fairness in terms of viable incomes, fair labor standards and women empowerment. Initiatives include lobbying for framework conditions that are pro people and pro planet; building transparent supply chains that can be shared to create best practices; leveraging new technologies such as artificial intelligence to bring new solutions for sustainability; enabling digital payments for farmers to ensure monies are received; and ensuring safe, working conditions. Since 2009, Tchibo has reached more than 42,200 farmers with purpose and authenticity. “Corporate responsibility is not a charity; it is a responsibility.” That is the credo at Tchibo.